Sunday, 14 October 2007

Search for Adventure

Thirsty for some guided experience in rougher waters I traveled south to Maenporth in Cornwall for a weekend with Simon Osborne of Sea Kayaking Cornwal. Unfortunately my plan was scuppered as the south coast was flat as a pancake while the South Wales beaches I had left behind received the best swell yet this year, fantastic surf, I was told. Even England managed to get through to the final of the Rugby World Cup Rugby. You just can't win.

Still, I managed to see other things that I had not seen before. A rare sighting of a Palm Aluetion Dry Suit for one. Some very interesting things that you could do with a paddle to make you go where you wanted were passed on to me in addition to more practice of getting back into the kayak. This I know Simon is a master at but he has no intention of getting out of his kayak at certain points in his forth coming Madagascar trip. Good luck fella. I'm still jealous.

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