Saturday, 11 August 2007

Eddystone Lighthouse Challenge

Although feeling chuffed after the successful completion of the Bristol Channel project I must confess to being more than slightly disappointed at not paddling back the next day. Two of us had decided to make the return trip. Sadly my paddling partner felt a bit under the weather in the morning. The Eddystone Lighthouse Challenge seemed an appropriate penance.

I managed to complete the challenge just before my shoulders and arms parted from my torso!

The organisation of the event was top class as was the provided buffet.

40km 6hrs 17mins

1 comment:

Tiff said...

Hi Eurion, just came across your site while getting the 2008 eddystone entry forms off google. Not sure if we met last year, which boat were you in?
Like yourself I'm sure my arms came off my torso last year, but hey whats a bit of pain.... Are you looking at entering again this year? Happy paddling, Chris Dew (Nordkapp HM 5hrs 47mins)