Friday, 1 January 2010


As one year ends a new one surely begins. Getting out for a paddle on New Years Day is stating to become a ritual neu a tradition. Needless to say I think it is a good one. Unlike the ritual that some other folk seem to partake – the annual New Year morning swim.

Well each to their own. It is after all, all good healthy fun, unless you have a dodgy ticker.

Having feasted over the festive season, I feel a little bit porky to say the least and try to rally up some souls to help me reduce my guilt and my girth - I find it necessary to open up the straps on my BA an alarmingly long way. Surely this is down to the extra layers necessary today as the water temp is heading a bit on the low side?
I’m joined by Chris and Hywel for a trip out to Tusker Rock as per last year. This time we have a beautiful sunny morning with millpond conditions.

We escape the utterly mad crowd on the beach and head out to sea for a little peace and tranquility.

It is not long before Tusker Rock appears and we land for a little walkabout.

The snow is still on the hill tops in the distance, but it is quite nice here in the sun . . . and three layers of gear!

I didn’t bother with the BBQ this year. Typical, it would have been a nice day for it, instead I shared out a few croissants with strawberry jam as a sort of continental breakfast to replace the fry-up. My excuse is that the diet starts today . . .