Thursday, 1 January 2009

Another New Year

Last year a few of us ventured out for a paddle to welcome in the New Year. It was a good feeling to be out on the water, setting the tone for rest of the year. Thought it would be nice to do a repeat.

Together with Richard Mordy from Up and Under and Hywel we set out on a blustery cold morning from Southerndown with the intention of having a big boys breakfast on Tusker Rock. With that in mind I'd packed a portable BBQ, frying pan, bacon, eggs, butties, the works.

Loading up for the Tusker Caff experience

It was cold to say the least, I can't remember the last time I'd seen ice forming on the cliff faces. This was one of those days. Carrying the boat and gear down to the waters edge my hands were painfully cold to the point of being numb. The poggies were going to earn their place in the kit today, for sure.

Leaving the beach we paddled with the last of the ebb and an increasing headwind. Approaching Tusker Rock we were facing a good stiff F5 directly into our faces and blowing against the tide.

At Tusker Rock before the flood submerges it

It was getting a little bit interesting near the rock, with the possibility that the wind would be increasing and the tide having turned and threatening to submerge our planned breakfast spot, we decided not to stop, but to make out way towards Ogmore and catch the beginning of the flood back to Southerndown and a more sedate paddle with the wind on our backs.

Passing Ogmore

The wind dropped a little for the return trip. And we decide to decamp back to my kitchen for that promised breakfast and a natter to talk of trips for the new year.

Landing back on Southerndown beach