Friday, 12 June 2009

South West Sea Kayak Meet 2009 - day 1

Taking the day off work I share a lift with Richard to get down to East Prawle on the south coast of Devon to partake in a weekend of paddling, entertainment and scialising. Mark Rainsley, after the successful launch last year of his guide book on paddling the South West, decided to run an informal gathering of paddlers to take in some of this wonderful coastline. The only problem is that when we arrive at East Prawle in the afternoon we can't see very much at all. The fog is so thick you can hardly see 50 feet in front.

Unperturbed, Richard and I pitch our tents and head off to find an early evening paddle before the main event starts tomorrow. Launching from the pebbled Blackpool Sands beach we head east into the fog towards Dartmouth, rock hopping and exploring on the way.

Memorial near Meg Rocks 
We came across this memorial cross fixed to the rocks, but didn't get close enough to read the inscription. Neither of us have been able to find any information about it yet.

Kingswear Castle at the entrance to the Dart

Richard took some photos of the interesting little finds we made on the way.

A fairly short little paddle but none the less was a good appetite whetter - that ensured a thirst needed satisfying at The Pigs Nose . . .