Sunday, 31 August 2008

Don't give a 'Fig if a Swig turns to a 'Bender

Spring tides and Jim wants a run for his money, he fancies doing some buoys down Swansea way, starting off at the end of the Mumbles Mile. He asks me and Steve if we want to join in.

This is not up for a fight drinking talk, or an ecclesiastical past time. (Although the trip does have a definite cardinal tone).

We are heading out across Swansea Bay to end up at Ogmore-by-Sea, taking in a few navigational marks on the way.


First one up is the Swig South Cardinal


Followed closely by Cabenda South Cardinal


And then via Kenfig East Cardinal towards Porthcawl.

Before you know it we are landing at Ogmore and our 15.6 Nm trip is over having clocked up an impressive 7 knots in parts. This goes a long way to explain our speedy 3 and a half hour trip.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Wye Canadians can be fun!

The River Wye is long. Being 251 km in length makes it Britain's fifth longest River.

Technically speaking it isn't the sea, at least not until becoming tidal as it spills into the Severn Estuary. Rising (non nautical term for starts off) in Wales, and eventually forms the lower border between the Celts and the English, separating Wales from England with one of the best salmon fishing rivers outside Scotland.

It also has Canadians on it. Canoes that is.

Today I try my hand at a bit of inland paddling for the first time in a Canadian canoe. The weather looks as if it is going to hold out for a full day, the kids are off school, so some of them come too.

A motley crew of all ages from 9 to 70 something

Taliesin wonders what happened to the other end of his paddle

There is lots of room in one of these things, which makes them good fun for the two eldest to come along for a bit of "messing about on the river", as well as space for kit and dogs. (No doubt I see the possibility of some clan camping at some later date).

Jasper the dog gets the treatment

Apparently the person in control sits at the back. I found that being at the front and using bow rudders was probably just as effective a way to point the thing the right way.

Taliesin checks out stability characteristics,
and finds them suitable for water fights

while John checks to see if the water level is appropriate

Llewelyn looks smug as he commandeered Tal's paddle

er . . . Chris gives Kath a go with his red kayak

. . . watched by all the boys

A great way to spend a day

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Southerndown Surf . . . again

We were blessed with some leftovers from yesterday, a little bit blown but still morsels hungrily devoured.
Warning, if you don't like surf photos, then stop now, however if you do like surf photos you might still not enjoy what follows.

I like surf pics, especially of me and in particular video, they not only feed my hungry ego but help me see what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong when moving on a wave.

Am I dancing with, or fighting, the wave - most often a bit of both. Either way it's great fun.

Developing a split personality . . . therapy required

Yet more calories burnt.
Thanks again Chris for the pics and video.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Southerndown Surf

After all the torrential rain, high winds and general poor weather, a nice swell arrives for us to play on, putting and end to a period of inactivity.

Time to burn off a few calories.

Might even be lucky and have some more tomorrow.

Thanks to Chris for taking the pics.