Friday, 25 July 2008

Go West and Getting Over You with Wishful Paddling

Full of hopes to paddle out to Skomer and Skokholm, I knock off early and venture "down west" with good vibes for a nice forecast.
Adrian and I meet up with Steve and Hywel at Broadhaven for an early evening warm up paddle before our planned trip tomorrow.

We are close to neap tides, which is I am told, a good time to cross over Jack Sound which separates the mainland from Skomer Island.

Just off Broadhaven

Hywel found no Trolls under the bridge

Beautiful calm evening paddling towards Druidstone, taking in the delights of the formations and the wonderful low evening light.

Druidstone Beach

On our way over to Martins Haven we pop in to the Lobster Pot in Marloes for a mammoth slap up cod and chips washed down with a cool pint of Guiness.

I am unsure of what to expect of the mighty Jack Sound tomorrow, by all accounts this can be a nasty bit of water at springs with wind against-but having never got over it before I'm apprehensive.

Settling down to an open air bivy at St Martins, I have visions of 6 foot sucking whirlpools recounted by somebody we met.

I sincerely hope he was kidding.

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