Thursday, 24 July 2008

Wild Thing- you make my heart sing

I'm turning Troglodyte

The cave with the blow hole has become a bit of a curiosity to me lately. I wanted to return with a torch to explore further inside. A failed attempt on foot was due to the low tide not being quite low enough to reach the entrance. So it had to be back to the kayak for a seaward assault. After a few evening trips with too high a tide, finally managed to get access tonight.

As Adrian and I paddled past the cave, the tide was a little low to avoid the guardian rocks. A paddle straight onto the sandy beach wasn't on the cards yet, so we enjoyed the evening sunlight on the rocks and continued on to Ogmore where we managed a tiny bit of a surf.

I decided to see if I could poke my nose in on the way back.

Doesn't look like much from the outside

Once you land on the sandy beach, the cave opens up cavernously beyond the entrance, sloping up to the back. Off to the left there is a narrow passage way which opens up a little into a small chamber. This continues on to where a shaft of light from the blow hole can be seen lighting up a trapped beer keg.

Ample Parking Space

Crawling into the narrow rear,
looking back towards the cavern and entrance

Good views out over to Somerset


Richard said...

Wow that is some cave, I would love to see the blowhole in action I bet that is pretty impressive.

Joe Squire said...

Where is this cave please

eurion said...

Joe the cave is west from Southerndown towards Ogmore