Sunday, 6 January 2008

Blue Tips in Wales

Well that's how they felt anyhow.
And my feet were like:

The extremities suffered today, strange as I was surfing for half an hour less than Friday, with no significant difference in wind. But then there is no steelworks next to Southerndown. That could be it.
Some stonking great waves today, a few forward and reverse loops, (not by design, but must have looked very impressive), unfortunately no photos, so unashamedly for self-gratification purposes I post another picture of the surf on Friday.

Together with this hamster photo I had previously refrained from posting.

I've spent the last hours thawing out and walking like some hunched up troglodyte, moaning about my pummeled and over worked muscles.
A sorry sight, but a good reason to get back out again.

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Silbs said...

Wonderful pictures.