Friday, 4 January 2008

Surfing Aberavon Brrrrrrr!!!

I have been bottled up like a champagne cork waiting for the chance to go surfing again. With large swell predicted and a long period I was really looking forward to this years first proper surf session. (I'm excluding the last trips surfing as that was in the seakayak).

I was expecting to be frozen.
So it was rather a nice surprise that after 3hrs I could still feel me extremities. I tried a skull cap for the first time which probably helped things a bit. Did nothing for appearances though – there should be a warning on the label to the effect that all wearers faces will look like hampsters.
Who cares. Generally not a problem, but today Chris C was able to take a few photos up close and personal. Here are a few with the hampster shots taken out as you would expect.

Sets were coming in regular and the small amount of wind was offshore. Every so often some nice big waves came in.
Thanks for taking the pics Chris.


Anonymous said...

More like a Russian cosmonaut hamster

James Murray said...

That looks cold

Cailean Macleod said...

Very clean and steep looking waves :-) V envious!

eurion said...


Probably the Russians were better looking, but a lot colder.
I'm sure they took a monkey?


eurion said...


I was surprised how warm I felt. Expected to be frozen. Nice.


eurion said...


It was great to get out at last, and to have such nice waves was a welcome begining to the year.