Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I've got fibre

That's not the kind with roughage.

I owe the misfortune of trying out other peoples carbon fibre blades for the considerable lightening of my paddle and my wallet.

I ended up not sure if it was going to be Shuna or Corryvrecken.
The Shuna wasn't giving me enough resistance, I felt it wasn't grabbing enough water for my liking, wasn't stalling in the water. Might have been poor technique, I don't know.

I went for the Corryvrecken. If I've made the wrong choice, it will show soon enough.

Chris and I went for a spin along the coast around Nash buoy and back to Southerndown.

It felt a bit wierd. No strong opinions yet on the blades, many variables have changed for me to get used to. The weight, blade shape, cranks are set up in a different way. Got to give them a chance to make an impression.

Initial feedback is the difference was like starting to walking with an empty rucksack. I can get used to that!

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