Friday, 16 May 2008

Adrian's Quest

Adrian leaves Reynard's Cave

A little 8km paddle after work to blow out the cobwebs. From St Donat's we headed East, dropping into Reynard's Cave at Tresilian, on past the spit at Llantwit Major and to the caves at Stout Point before returning.

Manoeuvres at Stout Point, before heading home

Adrian took his new plastic Valley Quest out for the first time, while I played around with the feather on the new blades. Previously I've been using 60 degrees, but as the Werners can be adjusted easily I did a little experimenting and ended up preferring 15 degrees. Is that an odd angle? How this will be affected by a nice headwind I am yet to find out.


Silbs said...

I envy the variety of coastline you have to enjoy. To see anything like a cave requires 6 hours of car topping for me. Keep the good images coming.

eurion said...

silbs, if everything goes to plan, in the next few weeks I hope to have a few more caves, stacks and arches in the collection for you to see.