Tuesday, 24 June 2008

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Lovely calm evening, with an incoming tide, Chris and I paddled out of Southerndown towards Ogmore for a relaxing meander.

Keeping in tight to the cliffs we made steady progress against the tides flow, exploring the interesting nooks and crannies along the way.

There are two interesting caves along this section. Both have beaches deep inside, one with large boulders, the other with sand and small pebbles. This is the interesting one. Beaching inside the cave and exploring on foot, it creeps back into the depths of the cliff face. Very dark, without a torch, I edged my way forward. With a bit of excitement I saw a thin shaft of light at the back. I recall a friend mentioning a blow hole somewhere on the cliff top walk. I had never known one existed. Seems as if I had found it. Some thing to go and explore at the top of the cliff one day!

Amazing how you can live in one place for a long time and still discover excitement like this.

On our way back, we both recalled a trip we had made when we first began paddling. It was along this same stretch of coast, again paddling against the tide. On that occasion we were further out in the main stream, having a bit of a battle going against the incoming tide. Neither of us realised that if we paddled closer to the shore we would be in for an easier time.

Tonight's paddle wasn't a huge distance, but I had the feeling that over the last year or so we had come along way.

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James Murray said...

Eurion, I have some video of the blow hole in action. You will have to show me how to post it.