Sunday, 1 June 2008

I have found Heaven . . .

. . . and it feels as if I ate all the chocolates in one go!

I am compelled to thrust these images upon you like a person who visits you on a Saturday afternoon bearing a leather bag and a copy of Watchtower.

Now there IS a kayak there!

You can only take so much of a good thing, and now I feel so small and insignificant I need to lie down.


Anonymous said...

Great Images. You sure have some great spots to play. I'm glad I stumbled on your blog.

Richard said...

Hi Eurion, You've really managed to take some cracking photos. This part of the pembrokeshire coast is really breathtaking. I'm hoping to get down that way in a couple of weeks (watch the weather change for the worse!)

eurion said...

Thanks for your comments.
It is just a stunning part of the coastline. The area is just photographs waiting to be taken.