Sunday, 5 February 2012

Man Flue - kill or cure

Suffering from the tail end of a second bout of some lurgy I wasn't too sure if it was a wise move to partake in exercise. However, as the aches had gone away, I couldn't resist getting some fresh air in to my spluttering cough heaving air pipes when Stuart invited me to join him  Taran, Jules and Andy on a short trip along the coast starting from Llantwit Major.

Time and Tide wait for Andy:)

We convened at the beach to get on the water with an hour left of good tide before the flood began, unfortunately by the time Andy had extracted himself from the frozen depths of the valleys we were left with only half an hour before the tide turned. We'd have to get a pace on to have a chance of rounding Nash Point before it became futile. There would be a short hard paddle to get us past Nash and in to the slacker water that would enable us to make progress against the flow towards Southerndown.

Looking west from Llantwit Major beach toward Nash Point

The sun was out, low winds and calm waters - game on for a workout - heads down to Nash.

Stuart passing St Donat's
Taran landing just past Nash Point for a refuel and recharge after battling against the flow

Paul approaches Cwm Nash

Traeth Mawr and Traeth Bach

Taran enjoying playing on some of the breaking waves on the ledges
Yeeee haaaa! We have lift-off
The Heritage Coast

Rounding Witches Point and into Dunraven Bay, there is quite a bit of nice surf to play with.

Taran and Jules' sedate arrival at Southerndown with Stuart and Andy waiting for a big set out back!
Andy (left) and Stuart ride the same wave in
Big smiles :)!
Time for a coffee and sandwich
We all land for a short break to drink warm drinks and eat some grub. Then it's back out through the surf to ride the tide back to Llantwit Major.

Thanks for the invite Stuart, really enjoyed the paddle, was good to meet up with some of the expanding local sea kayaking community.

Great Day out - definitely a cure!

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