Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tusker Rock Outing

With my wet kit still in the car, from yesterday's excellent paddle, it seemed a sensible decision to join Hywel and Chris for a short excursion out to Tusker Rock from Southerndown. Chris still has not recovered his stolen kayak, and has now replaced his plastic Scorpio with a composite boat. He was keen to get it out on the water, and why not as the weather continued to be good for us.

Approaching Tusker Rock just as the tide uncovers it
"Wot you looking at?!"
Chris surveys the Heritage Coast
Wreck of the SS Steepholm
Chris at The Harbour
Chris being Chris
Chris and Hywel enjoy the last of the winters sun
Heading back along the magnificent coastline to Southerndown
Just a short outing, but what a glorious day!

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