Saturday, 15 September 2007

I can't hear you

Paddling out of St Donat's Bay around to Nash, we pass in front of Nash Lighthouse. Here is also situated a foghorn. It is one thing to hear this going off at home, but to be directly in front of it when it sounds is entirely a different matter.
The last 2 trips I've passed the horn, it has gone off. It feels as if I have nearly been blown out of my seat as the sound booms out and reflects back off the English coast. I am beginning to wonder what I've done to deserve this treatment, as each time there has been no sight of fog.
The tide had just turned as we launched, and we were paddling against it. It was slow work. Just about maintaining 2 knots. Long 2hr slog to get to Southerndown beach.

These afternoons the light is noticeably lower. Bringing with it that lovely light that shows all the contours in the rock faces.
After arriving at Southerndown we turn tail and get a roller coaster 45 minute ride back with the tide.

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