Sunday, 7 October 2007

Monkstone Rock & Flatholm

This is Monkstone Rock lighthouse. It is a few miles off Penarth and I never knew it was there.
After a look see we dropped down towards Flatholm for a spot of lunch on the beach. Landing fee here is £3.50 if you want to land and have a good look around, which I intend doing on another occasion.

Rounding the island past it's own lighthouse and various gun emplacements, we ferry glide back towards Lavernock Point which brings us back Penarth.

Trip length: 10.1Nm


Cailean Macleod said...

The bottom photo is a cracking shot. Captures the mood of the environment.


eurion said...

So someone does read the blog then!

Cailean, the shot is a crop of a much wider picture, I came in tight as it gave a bit more intimacy.

It was a relatively short trip, but great to discover a bit more of my backyard.