Monday, 18 February 2008

I am lusting

Let's be clear about this. It is the boat that takes my fancy. Made by Glyn Edwards out of cedar strips. It is dead gorgeous to look at and to feel it's curvaceous body is just the dogs blokcols.
It has 5 fin boxes so various combinations of fin set up can be used. Sadly it will have to remain an object of desire, as will some other extremely nice toys at the CanoeExpo held at Stonleigh this weekend. I thought it was a great venue, central, free car parking, a fantastic lecture program.
I hope Brookbank find a beneficial solution to involving other companies that they don't act as retailers for. Some of the stands stocks were restricted to Brookbank stock items, which was a bit annoying for me as all the stuff I wanted to buy wasn't there.
The talks, however, did it for me (as well as the ceder surf kayak). Inspirational and educational.
The show had a great buzz about it. A great opportunity to see and talk to many great people in the kayaking world.
I hope Brookbank come away thinking it was a success, as the last time I remember going to a show like this was over 25 years ago in Crystal Palace.
Hopefully next time the weather will be really bad. I felt guilty for losing a fantastic day for kayaking.


Silbs said...

Nothing more gorgeous than a wood boat. In a few weeks we will have our CanoeCopia here in Wisconsin, and I suspect many of us will also be falling in love again.

Shane Benedict said...

Thanks for posting that.
Its a beautiful boat.

Anonymous said...

that boat is a work of art. would go great with our wood grain helmets.

shred ready