Sunday, 17 October 2010

Strange Goings On

It's been one of those glorious mornings. Hywel had suggested one of his regular trips. So after a very lazy start to the day, Adrian and I met him at Swanbridge and left the enticemennt of the Captains Wife for a jaunt over to Flatholm.

Low neap tide and a high pressure together with little wind provided us with a fairly calm playground.

Flatholm, with strangeness occurring at the waters edge

What I hadn't expected, or had I seen before, was the way the opposite side of the Bristol Channel looked. Some strange atmospheric conditions were causing mirages to occur and the opposite side of the channel was broken up in to what looked like lots of islands.

Steepholm to the right with a new island to the left (Brean Down)

Brean Down 'Island' with other 'Islets'
(click on the pic to see a slightly bigger version)

Hywel approaching Flatholm

Giving way!

We do an anticlockwise circumnavigation of and head on back to the Captains Wife to sink a well earned pint of "Tribute" and contemplate projects.

A short trip, but what a glorious day and a fantastic pint.

7Nm around the island


Lee said...

looks quite a bit like eastern canada! nice shots

Stuart sea kayk said...

I've noticed that a lot lately with the horizon. It's as if some bits are just breaking through the haze. Good weather for it! Ps nice photo's in the mag!

eurion said...

Would like to make it out to Canada some time-thanks for the compliment Lee.
Stuart, it was quite amazing to see the effect. The weekend in the mag was a great event!