Saturday, 1 January 2011

Positively Barmy 1.1.11

After the Christmas Eve afternoon paddle the temperatures today were positively balmy. With the smallest of swells running a few of us managed to get out for our traditional New Years Day paddle - this year for a surf rather than a paddle out to Tusker Rock.

After a couple of hours we felt as if we'd burned off enough calories to justify a pint to welcome the beginning of a New Year

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year full of paddling fun and adventure!

Thanks to Chris E. for the photos - who was feeling a bit rundown after the New Year's Celebrations - and regretted not getting his kit on.



Chris "I stopped drinking at 7 this morning and still went for a surf" Constantine

The Surfing Hamster - moi

All the best for 2011!


Stuart sea kayk said...

I feel cold just looking at those photos, surfing with no gloves! Happy new year to you.

Silbs said...

Wonderful photos...and they made me feel warm and envious as I look at the ice covering all our launch sites.

eurion said...

Stuart, with little wind I don't seem to find cold hands much of a problem as long as I'm actively paddling.

Silbs we are lucky at least for the near future not to have our playground freeze over for winter. If that Gulf Stream changes, I'll sadly be waiting for the thaw too.