Saturday, 12 May 2012

Knapppering to Ogmore

Taran, Chris Adrian and I had planned to head out from The Knapp in Barry westward along the coast to Ogmore. The forecast had promised low wind and sun, perfect lazy paddling with an out going tide all the way. Leaving at HW in short rash vest and loads of suncream we flew past Porthkerry at a tad under 6 knots. This was very surprising as we were bang on the start of the ebb on a tide 2 days from neap.

This rapid passage was all to change within the hour!

Approaching Aberthaw the wind that hit us kept coming on and on, straight on the nose. We were getting quite chilly with the spray and wind - so when when we met up with Stuart and Marcus at Gileston, the cags came out and put paid to the sun cream.

The unexpected headwind wind turned the trip into an all mighty effort. Quite a grind in fact. Approaching Ogmore, as Marcus can testify, it was definitely quicker to get out and walk. The 30km trip took us 5 and a half hours to complete, and I slept like a log when I got home.

Ever so glad we had binned the idea of paddling to Lundy this weekend :)

 Porthkerry viaduct - constructed in the 1890s - 16 stone arches

 110 foot high arches

 Stuart and Taran


Heading around Col Huw Spit

Stop for a bite to eat at Llantwit Major beach

30km - 5. 5hrs of hard slog


Robert said...

I've been to the coast of ogmore. Great Kayaking area. Tricky waters though.

eurion said...

Being part of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, the stretch from Aberthaw to Ogmore is quite a sight, particularly when you get the low sun to show up the rock strata. The waters rightly need to be treated with the respect they deserve - a few points along the way can make this a challenging paddle given certain tide and weather conditions.

Baidariu nuoma said...

I have been there too. I was impressed by the shoot of it.

Door County Kayak Tours, llc. said...

Where did you disapear to? Keep up the great blog posts on kayaking!

eurion said...

Have got over 40+ trips behind - will just have to get my finger tapping that old keyboard. Thanks for the poke!

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