Saturday, 1 October 2011

Morning Glory

Thurlestone Sands has a very memorable feature - however I remembered the feature and forgot the name, so when I came to plan this trip I'd forgotten that I'd paddled part of this trip before with Richard back in 2009 as part of the SWSKM. (Note to self to get that written up!).

Thurlestone Sands with the tide out
Thurlestone Sands with the tide in.
This time we were going to make it an overnighter. Having traveled down to Exeter to visit the South West Canoe Show - it made good sense to get a nice paddle in - particularly as the weather was quite exceptional. I think it ended up being the hottest ever October on record.

By the time we would arrive from Exeter we wouldn't have much time to paddle on the water before wanting to set up camp and chill out. Luckily there is a nice little quiet sandy bay about an hours paddle to the west of Thurlestone at Soar Mill Cove.

We launch from the sandy beach and head west.

Rounding Bolt Tail we get the full on low sun bringing out the fantastic warm colours in Paul's kayak :)


It's not long before we arrive at the evenings diggs.

Looking down on Soar Mill Cove
Chris enjoys the last of the days sun
We set up camp and cook our grub, washed down with a bottle of beer or three, watching the sun going down.


View from my tent early in the morning - you can just make out a white dot on the horizon -
it's my old friend the Eddystone Lighthouse
Doesn't look like it but the tent is perched close to a fair sized vertical drop!

A quick breakfast and we are packing our gear for an early morning start.


It's not long before we are on the water and heading east to catch the first rays of morning sunshine.




Rounding Bolt Head we enter the mouth of the estuary that leads past Salcombe and up towards our destination at Kingsbidge. It's only going to be a 2 hr paddle, but get the timing wrong and miss the tide, you will be having a long wait on mud banks waiting to refloat!

Early morning sunshine catching the headland near Sharp Tor, Starehole Bay





We arrive at the top of the tide to land on the public slipway in Kingsbridge.


Conveniently located at the other end is a very reasonable cafe where we managed to have a big boys second breakfast.

Waiting for our big boys breakfast :)
Not a very arduous trip, but one that hit the spot precisely.



51˚N Seakayaking said...

Looks like you had a nice chilled weekend,very envious. Good blog by the way, been following it a while now.

eurion said...

Thanks Noel for the compliment - always nice to get some feedback. It was really a wonderful paddle. Now that you've transitioned to the salty stuff I'm sure our paths will meet out on our local waters of South Wales.