Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Compass Light

This was my attempt at creating a deck light to illuminate the forward mounted compass.
It has the additional use of being able to secure some plastic/drybag as an emergency hatch cover if needed.
I used a red "Guardian" LED light threaded onto a short length of webbing, then stitched a double length of bungee to go around the hatch cover rim.

It sits nice and securely inside the rim of the cover so wont easily get washed off. (A small piece of string attached to the tab on the hatch acts as a safety just in case).
The red light was chosen to give illumination but not to reduce the effect on loss of night vision,

There is very little light spill from outside of the compass well. The image below is from the front right looking back, from the cockpit there is no glare at all from the light.

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Kevin R said...

Great read thannk you