Friday, 2 November 2007


To make the most of my kayaking down time, I've been getting stuff together to enhance my night time paddling experience. The SOLAS self adhesive tape has now arrived. Now if I am in the beam of anyones light, glow like a glowing thing I shall. Love the way that stuff reflects light.

Came across a few interesting tiny waterproof lights. The Guardian (above), which is really tiny (41 x 33 x 33mm 20g). It is described as "Rugged-designed to withstand being driven over by an average car". Why?

Useful design traits however are the fact that it is water proof (100m), is very very tiny, batteries last for ages, easy to use with cold hands. You can make it flash but this requires the batteries to be turned around, not recommended out on the boat. It comes in White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Infrared. You can apparently see the light, so to speak, from up to 2km at the front and 0.5km from the side. All this for less than £8 and that includes batteries.

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