Saturday, 10 November 2007

GlowStick alternative

Glow sticks (chemical light sticks) are relatively inexpensive, last for 6-8hrs and then you throw them away. These Lazer Stik devices are LED powered, waterproof (100m), float upright and can be turned on/off when required. The 6inch wand gives off a nice broad beam so I've got hold of a red one to use as a deck light to look at my chart and general night time use. You can also make them flash if you want. In a group night time paddle they would be useful to put front and back of PFD so that everyone knows where everyone else is. I found glow sticks very bright at night and put them in a net bag to reduce their intensity. I don't know yet how bright these LED's are in comparison.


Anonymous said...

"Your powers are weak, old man ..."

- Darth Vader

eurion said...

I assume you refer to the 6 inches. These are, I admit, not full sized light sabres. However, they do the job.
And we all know that:

"Size matters not"